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About Us

Welcome! If this is your first visit, I'd like to share a little bit of the history about how we got started. My husband, Chris Bayer, after returning from his third trip to Siberia several years ago, almost died from a set of symptoms that totally bewildered his doctors. At some point he heard about beta-1,3D glucan from A.J. Lanigan and began taking it. It wasn't an overnight miracle cure, but over time he got better.

Many of his friends began to ask how he got better and he told them about beta glucan. They asked him to get some for them and eventually he began selling it on the internet. He considered it a real honor to offer this incredible product to people.

I began taking this product myself in 2008. I worked in an environment where I was exposed to many germs. I have been blessed to have less colds and flu's and have enjoyed optimum health with my immune system being supported. When traveling, we are exposed to so many things on planes and public transportation. I haven't been ill when traveling since taking this product.

In 2014, when my husband was ill, I began to operate the business. He passed away in April of 2015. I am committed to offering the same products and customer service that he set in place when we began.

If you ever have a question or concern, please email me.

God bless!


P.S. There’s more to this site than just “selling” something. My prayers, encouragement, and best hopes are with you in your personal health journey.

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