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A closer look at the compounds, minerals, and extracts that are contained within this supplement reveals Insulaid’s potential to assist an individual in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  • Cinnulin PF, the cinnamon extract included in Insulaid, has been proven to protect the body through antioxidant formation while supporting healthy glucose and cholesterol management.
  • Chromium is a micronutrient proven to aid in the uptake of glucose into cells by acting as a cofactor and stimulator of insulin regulation.
  • The mineral, Vanadium, has been shown to work closely with Chromium in supporting carbohydrate utilization by improving the action of insulin. In addition to Cinnulin PF, Chromium, and Vanadium, several other components contribute to Insulaid’s potency.

For example:

  • Through scientific research, Ginseng has been shown to elevate mood, improve psychological performance, and reduce fasting blood sugars and body weight.
  • Diabetes has proven to be a condition highly induced by inadequate dietary fiber intake. Fenugreek, a compound of 50% dietary fiber, has been added to Insulaid. Following comprehensive investigation, these ingredients, along with others, have been combined in order to achieve maximum effectiveness, resulting in a completely safe and highly potent supplement.