Product FAQ > Barley Beta Glucan > How does Barley Beta glucan work?

Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated the positive effects of Beta glucan on helping maintain cholesterol levels that are already within the normal range. In general, high viscosity Beta glucan is believed to work by increasing the viscosity of the contents within the intestinal tract. Binding of bile acids is one of the proposed mechanisms of Beta glucan. Fecal excretion of bile acids is increased when viscous Beta glucan binds to them, increasing the liver's capacity to metabolize cholesterol for bile acid synthesis. The body uses cholesterol (removing it from the blood stream) to replace the lost bile.

Beta glucan has also been positively linked in the scientific literature to a wide range of other positive medical effects. Other studies have confirmed a significant reduction in glycemic response related to the high viscosity of Beta glucan. Beta Glucan also offers health benefits for the cardiovascular system, blood glucose levels and weight management.

Research in these areas has been conducted by a wide range of excellent research organizations, including the US Centers for Disease Control, USDA Human Nutrition Research Center, and the CSIRO Division of Human Nutrition (Australia)