What is Insulaid?
Insulaid is a dietary supplement intended to help maintain good endocrine function, support healthy levels of insulin, glucose, and cholesterol, and to further induce formation of antioxidants which help combat free radical damage, thus promoting a more efficient immune response.

Why should I take Insulaid?
There are several compelling reasons to make Insulaid part of your daily routine. Insulaid not only supports healthy levels of insulin, blood glucose, and cholesterol, but can also help maintain endocrine function. This benefits several essential organs of the body, as well as the processes for which they are responsible. For example, the pancreas, one of the major organs of the endocrine system, serves to sustain a steady glucose level in the blood, as well as helping supply the body with the fuel required to produce stores of energy; Insulaid lends support to this process. Furthermore, Insulaid stimulates the formation of antioxidants, molecules which help combat free radicals. These highly reactive substances can damage or even destroy important cells in the body.

How does Insulaid work?

A closer look at the compounds, minerals, and extracts that are contained within this supplement reveals Insulaid’s potential to assist an individual in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  • Cinnulin PF, the cinnamon extract included in Insulaid, has been proven to protect the body through antioxidant formation while supporting healthy glucose and cholesterol management
  • Chromium is a micronutrient proven to aid in the uptake of glucose into cells by acting as a cofactor and stimulator of insulin regulation.
  • The mineral, Vanadium, has been shown to work closely with Chromium in supporting carbohydrate utilization by improving the action of insulin. In addition to Cinnulin PF, Chromium, and Vanadium, several other components contribute to Insulaid’s potency.

For example:

  • Through scientific research, Ginseng has been shown to elevate mood, improve psychological performance, and reduce fasting blood sugars and body weight.
  • Diabetes has proven to be a condition highly induced by inadequate dietary fiber intake. Fenugreek, a compound of 50% dietary fiber, has been added to Insulaid. Following comprehensive investigation, these ingredients, along with others, have been combined in order to achieve maximum effectiveness, resulting in a completely safe and highly potent supplement.

Are there any side effects?
No. In the course of extensive research, no harmful side effects have presented. Each individual component has undergone hundreds of studies to ensure its safety. Cinnamon and its extracts are generally regarded as safe by the FDA; the cassia extract of cinnamon, Cinnulin PF, is included within our product. Investigations show that it offers antioxidant protection, healthy glucose and cholesterol management, and is low in toxins. All these things equate to its safety for use over long periods of time.

How do I take Insulaid?
For maximum effectiveness, take one capsule before a meal three times daily. We encourage that with this or any other supplements, you consult your licensed health care professional for further advice regarding dosing of Insulaid.

How can I be sure that Insulaid is a high quality product?
Our reputation as a distributor of dietary supplements is built upon the fact that our products are among the best available. All of the ingredients contained within this product have not only been experimentally proven to be safe and effective, but are all of the utmost purity and potency you have come to expect from the Transfer Point name. Our goal is to offer only products of the highest quality, and we are confident that Insulaid sits on a plateau alone.