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Even though studies have been done on beta glucan for at least forty years, it was virtually unknown to the general public until just a few years ago. Immunologists had access to beta glucan but it was so expensive to produce that it wasn’t realistic to offer it to the public. Then a man named A.J. Lanigan discovered how to process pure beta-1,3D glucan at a price the public could afford. Now you can receive all the benefits of Transfer Point Beta Glucan at an affordable price.

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If this is your first visit my name is Chris Bayer and a few years ago (after returning from my third trip to Siberia) I almost died from a set of symptoms that totally bewildered my doctors. At some point I heard about beta-1,3D glucan from A.J. Lanigan and began taking it. It wasn't an overnight miracle cure but over time I got better. I've been taking A.J.'s Transfer Point Beta Glucan ever since.

Many of my friends began to ask how I got better and I told them about beta glucan. They asked me to get some for them and eventually I began selling it on the internet. That was about seven years ago. I consider it a real honor to offer this incredible product to people. Many times it's not only life-changing but, in my opinion, potentially life-saving.

I travel all over the world now on planes, trains, automobiles, buses and taxis and they are not the healthiest places to be, especially for hours on end. I believe that Transfer Point Beta-1,3D glucan helps keep me healthy.

If you ever have a question or concern please email me. I will do everything I can to help you. If you are a cancer patient email me about your situation and I'll show you how to receive special discounts.

God bless!