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I’ve been offering Transfer Point Beta Glucan online for many years now because it does exactly what it’s supposed to do: increase the effectiveness of your immune systemTransfer Point Beta Glucan has consistently proven through independent testing (see below) to be the most effective immune modulator available today.

Derived from the cell walls of baker’s yeast*, Transfer Point’s Beta Glucan has been scientifically proven to support and maintain a healthy immune response. A strong immune system is vital to the preservation of good health.

Transfer Point’s Beta Glucan has been subjected to rigorous studies at numerous universities and is the most potent Beta Glucan available on the market today.

What Transfer Point Beta Glucan does…

The Benefit

Increases production of white blood cells

More immune cells can fight invaders more effectively

Increases cellular mobilization

Immune cells can respond to harmful invaders faster

Increases phagocytic capacity

Phagocytes (machrophages) can destroy more harmful invaders faster by eating them

Increases production of reactive oxygen intermediates (ROIs)

More ROIs are able to more effectively help the immune system fight a harmful invader

Helps shift the immune response from an overstimulated Th2 to a balanced Th1 response

Anecdotal evidence suggests this may help with allergies,  and immune insufficiency.

And so much more! Be sure to read the FAQ and Detailed Information, available on the Beta Glucan product page.

Make certain to educate yourself on this incredible discovery and see what beta glucan can do for you and your loved ones:

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